I've known Diane Fleck for over thirty years, and have watched her become more and more masterful in her role as a business and personal life coach. Many coaches claim to help you strategize and be all you can be. But in my experience, Diane has a special intuitive ability to really “see you,” which is the foundation of being able to advise or guide you to make authentic decisions.

There have been times in my life when I've called her to talk over course material, ideas for book content and titles, and astrological timing for starting projects. She has an unusual ability to pull together the wisdom in your astrological influences, as well as to pinpoint specific directions for success in your particular situation. She keeps up-to-date with new trends and market forces.

Diane is the real deal. I highly recommend her on-line courses, counseling, and mentoring sessions.

Carol Adrienne
Author, The Purpose of Your Life and Success by the Numbers


I have known Diane Fleck for over twenty years now. Diane never ceases to amaze me with her expertise and ever growing and changing techniques. 

Diane Fleck and I have worked together on projects and I have worked with her on my own personal business goals. Diane has a unique and “keep it real” approach. With Diane’s wisdom and intuitive abilities she is able to tap into each individual and personalize the work to your own uniqueness. This is a wonderful gift for anyone that works with Diane. 

Diane is a star at what she does and working with her is a delight. You want to move forward? Then I recommend experiencing Diane and her work. Get ready to manifest your desires. 

Anne Angelheart 
Transformation coach, Author


 “When you know what’s coming, you can plan for optimum timing”

Diane and I began our work together when I was in another business. Her intuitive side was important to me because I wanted to work with someone who understood business but who also understands that there is a deeper and bigger picture.

Diane has many tools in her tool box. I knew there were some adjustments I wanted to make with my business. Her use of one tool - astrology, was instrumental because it helped inform us on a number of levels, including timing.

When you know what is coming, you can plan for optimum timing. Thanks to Diane, I was able to successfully navigate some of the inevitable bumps one has in business in and I knew when to shift to something new. Her intuition combined with her solid business knowledge helped me launch a new business that “just seemed right” and took off immediately!

Gail Nott
Social Media Strategist



 “Diane helped me to step forward into a new and exciting business!”

I’ve always known that I have certain gifts and talents, but I was never able to see how they fit in. When I consulted with Diane, I felt fully “seen.” Diane helped me take the ingredients of everything I had learned from all of the “experts” and put them in a mixing bowl to bake my own cake!

Her work gave me “permission” to build the foundation of my own unique business by bringing my gifts to the surface. Diane helped me to step forward into a new and exiting business!

Lisa Morningstar
Intuition Coach


“She understands the entrepreneurial mind and what it takes to run a business so she spoke my language”I took Diane Fleck up on her annual “birthday special.” It was an Astrological reading on the phone that included a life cycles reading as well. It confirmed what I already knew. It was great to hear that I do not need to keep learning and learning, as I do so love to do - That it is time for me to just go and teach it.  It also solidified the idea that launching my new program, The Artists Dream Forum, was the right thing to do at this time in my life.

I especially appreciate the additional deeper insight that her intuition brings to a reading. Her tremendous business acumen enhanced my reading because she understands the entrepreneurial mind and what it takes to run a business, so she spoke my language.  This reading felt grounded and tangible as to my life path and how it affects and is affected by my business. I highly recommend Diane to any entrepreneur who is looking for intuitive guidance that is grounded and practical.

Joan Silva
Money Coach for Artists



“It’s like talking to a business person with a heart who “gets you”

I met with Diane to do an astrology reading for my business. I got some great insights as to what was going on in my business. It was very reassuring to have confirmation that my intuition about my business was on track and on the right path.

Because Diane is well grounded in business practices, using astrology as a tool, she is incredibly helpful when talking about business strategies, like sales and marketing, as they relate to your own personal path.  It’s like talking to a business person with a heart who “gets you.”  Astrology is her window to truly serve her clients, by seeing what is really going on vs. what they’re saying.

I recommend Diane’s insight to any entrepreneur who is looking for a compassionate guide with strong businesses sense.

Nancy Dadami
Feng Shui Practitioner
3 Secrets Feng Shui


  “Diane Fleck truly understands entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs! She has had her own business helping individuals and companies grow their businesses to the next level for 15+ years.

Feeling a little stuck or confused – or in career transition? Diane’s step-by-step process will help you understand where you are stuck and why…and how to move through it. “

Jim Horan, President, Author Best Selling series, “The One Page Business Plan Company”

I had a reading with Diane at the end of 2011 and it was so great! I had never had an astrological reading before and she definitely has made me want to have them often.  The Personal Astrological Report she sent me ahead of time really gave me a great insight into the information she provided during the reading.  It sure is interesting to see my birth chart and how the major themes in my life are described along with how the astrological influence affects everything.

The Cycles of Being are also very helpful to see what my individual timing and natural energy rhythms are.  Diane also provided a copy of the reading to me afterward and I enjoy going back and reviewing it.  I was also glad I could ask questions and Diane was just so great throughout the entire reading, I got answers to questions I had been debating about.  I sincerely recommend Diane and her readings to anyone who would like to get an inside look at how the stars affect our everyday lives and can be used in our benefit!

S. Wood
Walnut Creek, CA