Consulting & Mentoring



Astrology is the life map of your soul. It shares it’s secrets to help you live the life you were meant to live. 
It’s the story of YOU. 

No matter if it’s relationships, business, personal issues or life purpose, you’ve got a secret ally working for you. 
Your birth chart serves as your life blueprint.

It shows you the why, the what and the timing of things in your life.  I like to say that it’s your own personal weather report. Astrology is used to show you a variety of paths and potential your soul agreed upon before you came into this life.

“Living your life on purpose while contributing something of value and meaning makes the world go round”.

Individual Consulting and Coaching options: 

All one-on-one work is accompanied by a personal astrology reading and Diane’s one-of-a-kind Life Cycles Chart. After an intake session, both Diane and the client determine which program would best suit client needs and soul contract.

Consultations can apply to you individually or you can work with Diane for your business, regardless of its size. Your time and costs will be discussed during your complimentary consultation.

Mentoring/Coaching Program:

Some of her clients prefer a more in-depth session and/or a mentoring program. She offers a

  • 3 Month Starter Program

  • A 6 Month Mentor Program

  • A 12 Month Business Consulting Program especially designed for Healers.

Reading options:

30 minute reading $97
60 minute reading  $180
90 minute reading $265
2 hour session $350

Call 925-586-6060 or email Diane to set up appointment date and time.  You will need to submit your birth information, date, time and place for your chart. 

Individual or Group Mentorship or Coaching could include:

  • Uncovering your Life Path and purpose which gives your life meaning and sets the direction to move forward into your optimum potential.

  • Discovering your core life blocks for what they are and walk through them to claim your soul destiny.

  • Dealing with relationships and why they are in your life.

  • Business Consulting, marketing and business planning.

  • Aligning personality with soul for authentic living.,

Call 925-586-6060 or email Diane to set up appointment date and time.