What Planet are You from?

Understand Your Strengths of Personality and Soul

Conscious Living Seminar Series

Dealing With Relationships

Healing the Split Between Personality and Soul

Have you ever heard someone say, “What Planet did they come from?”

We certainly don’t all think or act the same; and thank goodness we don’t! It can make life a lot more interesting as well as mind boggling.

However by better understanding yourself, you become stronger in recognizing and utilizing your own strengths and abilities.  

 By understanding others, you increase your interpersonal intelligence, which creates better communication with your customers, co-workers and others. 

By learning to see past habit patterns and judgments, you work from a place of authenticity, meaning and purpose which creates stronger relationships based on trust, respect and integrity.  

By understanding both your personality and soul you live from the place of the Mystic.  The Mystic walks between the worlds knowing and seeing what others might not. 

In the class you will receive an assessment and personal report that gives you an overview of your information, communication styles, strengths, weaknesses and how to be aware of other styles and communication needs.   

You’ll also receive information of your soul contract, agreements and purpose. 

You’ll learn your soul commitments and scheduled times of opportunities and potential to realign and heal the split between personality and soul. 

You learn how to: 

  • Identify predictable patterns of behavior in yourself and others. 

  • Identify different modes of communication and why it’s important. 

  • Discover how to see others (who may not be like you) think, work and process information. 

  • Discover how to expand to your spirit view and see the bigger picture of the Why. 

  • Identify when you or others may be operating in Stress and backup behavior and how to relieve tension and stress.   

  • Learn to use these new skills to enhance your work environment, relationships and make more money

Online Zoom Class: $67

Dec 5, 11-1pm, pacific time

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