Soulful Strategies

Successful Strategies for Your Soul

How to Build a Profitable
Healing/Coaching Business   

I guess you could say that your original business and life coach is the author of your life map. StarEssence Astrology is one of the best business planning tools you could have.

Instead of trying the latest and greatest, why not listen to your soul.  Your soul mentor has already given you the tips and tools to ensure your success.

Online Zoom Class: $67
Nov 21, 2019 10am-12pm

Diane Fleck has combined her 30 years of rock solid business expertise with her intuitive astrology abilities to give you more tools and information to make better informed decisions and launch a successful Soulful Business.

These integrated disciplines will give you solid business skills along with practical information to achieve measurable results and ultimately personal and professional success!  

In the class you will: 

  • Gain new information and direction with career and transition cycles.

  • Learn current and future market trends

  • Identify your “secret sauce”.

  • Uncover your personal and business success cycles.

  • Learn what marketing niche you’ll automatically attract.

  • Learn how to leverage your marketing to gain clients

  • Know when to launch successful business ventures.   

  • Business planning with the seasons of your business.

  • Make more money while making a difference.

Make this your best year yet!  Integrating intuitive astrology and solid best business practices brings a complete process which is unique to you

Online Zoom Class: $67
11/21/19 10am-12pm

In this “3” vibrational year you’ve got the creativity, curiosity and business network to see you through.  With Saturn saying, “just do it” and Jupiter redefining what success means for you, it’s the perfect time to just say Yes to YOU.

Dates and location to be determined.  Stay tuned.

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