The Call of the Sacred Healer

Uncover your Purpose and Passion

The word healer can mean many things to many people.  It could mean a nurse, hands on healer, coach, mentor, consultant and lots more.

This can also mean that your passion is about helping others, someone that is compassionate, empathic, caring etc.

These people can be the caretakers of the family, or friends and the universe.

It’s takes a special person to answer the call.

Online Zoom Class: $67
Tuesday 5/28/19 10am-1pm

With that being said, it also comes with understanding how to use certain skill sets to handle some of the emotional energy and information from others.

In this class we will delve into:

  • How do you know your a healer?

  • What is your role as healer?

  • What holds you back?

  • How to know if your giving others the right information.

  • Not good enough syndrome

  • Can I make this my profession?

  • What will others say about me?

  • How to stop your dabble status?

  • I can’t make enough money doing this!

 This is a class like no other.  Diane will shseare some of her experiences, lessons, and skills from her 30 years of working with other people to better their lives. You’ll learn how to uncover your purpose, passion and move forward towards meaningful work that’s also profitable.

Online Zoom Class: $67
Tuesday 5/28/19 10am-1pm

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