Retrograde Times Of Your Life

Going Backward to Go Forward

We’ve all heard about Mercury Retrograde but other planets do their number on us as well. 2019 is no exception. Along with the July retrograde, we’re also being asked to make some needed changes with the powerful eclipse season starting this month.

Online Zoom Class: $47
7/26 10 am-12 pm pacific

There’s a big misunderstanding about retrograde times.  The planets are not going to do something to you.  They don’t work that way.  It’s not a time to go hide under the covers and hope they go away soon. 

There’s a practical way to acknowledge the purpose and reason behind this energy which helps you achieve your goals and dreams.

I happen to look forward to retrograde times.  Quite frankly, it’s the best time to gain insight, higher spiritual knowledge, and gain answers you’ve been looking for.

I like to say it’s like Alice in Wonderland.  You are now scheduled to fall through the cracks and illusions of time.  It’s a growth period.

Great time to write in a journal or notebook what’s going on in your life, what you’re downloads are telling you and what you are learning.

Once the energy goes forward again, it’s like amnesia.  
We don’t quite remember all the bumps we’ve encountered and the sage advice we were given.

In this class Diane will help you unravel your messages and show you the scheduled opportunities for soul destiny. You’ll even see the mundane world in a different light. 

We’re experiencing a summer that is electric with eclipse energy. Used wisely, it has the power to transform every aspect of your life.

What to expect from this class:

  • We’ll dive beneath the surface of your life as Diane helps you uncover the hidden emotional potholes that keep you stuck in reverse. She’ll teach you how to climb up out of them, set attainable goals, and shift your mindset to a higher gear so you can get your life moving forward again.

  • Mercury retrograde combined with an Eclipse Season is offering you the power to crack the Cosmic Code of your biggest life blocks: fear of failure, fear of rejection, and fear of not living up to others expectations.

  • Did you know?? … Now is the perfect time to learn how to flip those fears and let yourself off the hook of society’s stereotypes. Diane helps you learn how to recognize those fears and how to stop judging yourself by rules that don’t fit your life. She gives you the gift of self-recognition so you can stop holding yourself back and go after your life goals.

  • One size does not fit all! This is personal. Diane works with your information based on your soul contract, your passion, and your person.

SPECIAL BONUS - Today is all about you!

Diane goes in-depth with a PERSONAL READING of your birth chart - and then answers your questions.

We hope you’ll join us. This class will shine a light on what’s been holding you back!

Online Zoom Class: $47

Friday 7/26/19
10 am-12 pm pacific

Through her 30 years of astrology wisdom and psychic weather reporting Diane will be your guide and show you the way.

For more information on this class and others contact Diane by email or phone.

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