Deep Heart

The Wound Is The Greatest Healer

Clearing the Blocks to Living the Life You were Meant To


See below for information on the Conscious Living Seminar Series and Discount.

Did you know that these blocks show up in your astrology chart?  Your chart also shows how to clear these blocks and why they are even there in the first place.

Online Zoom Class: $67
Tuesday 4/2/19, 5pm-7pm (pacific time)


Buy all 3 classes and receive discount - 1/2 off last class. Value $33.00. Offer only good thru Mar. 30th. For more info on the 3 seminar series, see April class and May class

Have you ever wondered why you seem get to a certain level in life, whether it's a relationship, work or making money, only to feel like you can't seem to break through the old blocks that hold you hostage? 

Well, I sure have and I wanted to uncover the secret to eliminate these old programs and blocks that stalled me all my life. 

Over the many years I’ve been working with clients, I’ve noticed a theme that keeps showing up.  These blocks are more than just hidden beliefs. They are part of your soul agreement. I guess you could say, I wanted to get to the heart of the issue and solve this divide once and for all.

It takes compassion for self and others along with great courage to walk through these core beliefs.  They go to the heart and soul of who you are.    

It has been proven that our thoughts create our reality.  However, if your thoughts don’t match your subconscious mind, not much really happens.  Just thinking positive doesn’t work either. The unconscious mind is filled with programs and beliefs that you may not even know you have. 

That’s why I love astrology so much.  My work with StarEssence Astrology is soul driven. It shows you why and how to evolve into your soul’s destiny.

Don’t leave your life up to fate.

You have the key in your astrology chart to achieve your soul destiny and you don’t even know it!

Please join me for this very special class called DEEP HEART, Creating the Life that You’re Meant to Have.

Each participant will receive their own astrology birth chart. You’ll uncover the secrets in your chart to show you the way.

What you can expect with the DEEP HEART System.

  • You'll discover why this year’s energy is focused on transformation or bust.

  • Uncover the hidden programs that have limited you in all aspects of your life. 

  • Learn why the DEEP HEART is one of the critical keys to unlock your capacity to manifest and create.

  • Discover your Soul's language through astrology which opens the door to integration of your intuition, mind and body.

  • Clear blocks and negative energy to stay in DEEP HEART and be open to receive. 

You'll see life from a completely new paradigm, offering a sense of peace, joy and freedom. 

 As with most of my classes, I will deliver this series both online and in person. Each person receives their personalized chart and Diane’s channeling makes it easy to understand.  

Online Zoom Class: $67
Tuesday 4/2/19

5 pm -7 pm pacific time

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