Consciousness In Action
Business Group

Live your life with Intent and Purpose for Success

A place where conscious heart centered businesses can learn and share real life business issues and get sound advice.  This group is facilitated by Diane Fleck and creates synergy, enthusiasm and excitment to inspire, inform and ignite your path to succeed.

What’s different in this business group? Your astrology chart gives you heads up on when, how and what to market to increase your business. Diane gives you assistance to understand what’s going on for you personally and professionally so you can move forward. You’ll also become part of an authentic and heart felt community which is very rare to find!  

Each participant is interviewed and selected to ensure everyone is on the same level playing field and ready to do the work.

Fleck has integrated the techniques of intuitive astrology and business consulting to give you practical information to achieve personal and professional results. Her clients include Fortune 500 executives authors, consultants and successful entrepreneurs.

For more information, please contact Diane directly at or call 925-586-6060.

“Diane Fleck has a rare gift for combining hardheaded business sense and an inspired vision of where the world needs to go.  She is truly one of our most creative thought leaders”.  Terry O’Keefe, Sustainable Business Alliance.

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