Astro-Business Check-In

Your Gift is right in front of you!

Strategic Business strategies that are unique to you

Do you ever have a great idea then send it out to market and nobody buys or shows up?

Ever wonder why certain people make you question or doubt yourself?

Do you know your best timing cycle to launch a successful product or service.

 For the first time ever, I’m offering a end of summer special on my 90 minute business check-in. 

Half the year is over. It’s time to review, re-evaluate your strategies, services and uncover hidden opportunities for business growth session. I’ll use your astrology chart as well as read the energies unique to you.

Special 90 minute session Now $250 (regular fee longer $360)

These next few months are for planting the seeds and seeing new possibilities. Use this energy to really launch big!

Everyone is feeling some part of this. What no longer fits you? Are you ready to show up! What does that look like?

Some of the questions you may want to think about or even ask during our session.

If you’re interested and would like a free 20 minute conversation to know if this is right for you, simple email to and in the subject line write biz check conversation.

I’ll need your birth information, birthday, time and place.

You can email to if I don’t already have it. Feel free to call for further details. 925-586-6060