Astro-Marketing Advantage

Know Your Marketing Brilliance

Are you Stalled?
Is your Marketing not producing the results you desire?

In this intensive 6-week course you can gain more confidence, clients and cash!            

I often hear that the major obstacle to creating a successful business is the marketing and sales part of running a business. Do you say to yourself:

“I don’t like to appear pushy.”
“I don’t know how to market.”
“I’m not good with the business side.”    

Sales, marketing and astrology has been my business for a long time and I have helped many major companies, private individuals and entrepreneurs gain more clients, self-confidence and make more money.   

There is No other class like this!

Combining astrology and business skills gives you a new way to sell and market what’s unique to you.When using your astrology birth chart and the coming transit energy, ie: eclipses, retrogrades etc., you have an edge or should I say an advantage to take your business Off the Charts

This business course is for Coaches, Consultants and Healers.  Those who know they have a calling to share their unique skills and abilities to help others live a better life.

Online 6-week class by Zoom
Full Pay $497

3-payments of $187

“Diane Fleck truly understands entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs!
She has had her own business helping individuals and companies grow their businesses to the next level for 15+ years. “

In this course you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s important to know your unique expression of genius and how to use it.

  • How to design a marketing and sales plan in alignment with your purpose.

  • How to use this summer’s energy shifts to see your scheduled opportunities.

  • Uncover your soul EQ Message resulting in more self-confidence.

  • Who’s your customer and where do you find them?

  • How to set goals in alignment with your soul’s mission.  

  •   Uncover your human design strategy for making better informed decisions.

  • How to follow through with impact which gives you results.

  • What to do when you come up against roadblocks.

  • Know your best marketing and sales timing for program launch etc.

  • How to maintain energy and information for business sustainability.

  • Learn the secret to growing your business fast for maximum market reach . .

This course is like no other because it’s built around who you are - not the latest and greatest business fad or program.  It combines your astrology roadmap which gives you a 360 degree view of you, your soul contract and your marketing edge.

The world needs you now! The universe wants you to succeed and with Diane as your guide and mentor; you’ll see your business with new eyes and new sales!

This is a 6 week online course.

I will also be reading your astrological charts during the course. Please submit your birth information if I don’t already have it to my email.  I will need your birth date, time and place. Email to

Feeling a little stuck or confused – or in career transition?
Diane’s step-by-step process will help you understand where you are stuck and why… and how to move through it.”
Author, Jim Horan, The One Page Business Plan.
 “Diane is a star at what she does and working with her is a delight. You want to move forward? Then I recommend experiencing Diane and her work.
Get ready to manifest your desires.” 
Anne Angelheart, Transformation coach, Author
Live your life with Intent and Purpose for Success